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When can I apply?

The applications are submitted every year from July to December.

How do I apply?

Whether by visiting the Secreteriat of P.P.S or by sending the documents required by post.

Who is accepted to P.P.S?

All HEI’s and TEI’s degree holders.

Which is the cost of the Programme?

3.600€, in five(5) installments at the beginning of two (2) first semesters . Moreover, 30€ upon the candidate submission and 40€ to cover graduation expenses

Which is the foreign language required level?

Good knowledge of one European language.

What is the admission procedure to the Programme?

Dossier evaluation and interview of those who meet the criteria of P.P.S Call for admissions.

When are the classes taking place?

On Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning.

When does the P.P.S begin?

The Programme begins in March every year.

What is the duration of the P.P.S?

In case of full time attendance, the minimum duration to obtain the master’s degree is three (3) semesters. In case of part-time attendance, the minimum duration of the programme is five (5) semesters. Each semester lasts thirteen (13) full teaching weeks.

What is the ECTS offer of the P.P.S?

A total of 90, 30 ECTS are offered in each semester. Compulsory lessons offer 8 ECTS and optional lessons offer 6 ECTS.

How many students are accepted every year?

The maximum number of students accepted is (thirty) 30 per year.

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